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Nobody said it was easy.

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Ally Marie ;). 22. North Carolina. Married. Mother of a 2 year old.  God. Dancing. Singing. Photography. Iced Lattes. Rotti Lover. Avon. Texting. My home is Texas. Facebook. Tumblr. Tigers. Dolphins. Swimming. Road Trips. Flying. Mountains. Beaches. California. Carolinas.

Little lost girl
thought that no one loved her
thought that no one wanted her
Ran away
From her castle
She was embraced by the devil
And his false love and
Through that embracing became a different person
Became the harlot
Became the Queen of lies
The Jezebel

Little lost girl
Thought that no one loved her
Thought that no one wanted her
Ran away
From her castle
But God met her on that dark road
He said, “You can come home now,
I am right here,
And I never left you”

Annie Lobert, I am Second

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I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food.



Having a bad day? Click here and laugh a little!

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Usually when you confide in someone, it’s usually because you trust them. You tell them your secrets, dreams, fears, and your emotions. And usually that person keeps your secrets with them. Well, not in my case. Although it’s funny seeing how this person told me things that she confided in me. Once I make a promise to keep, it stays kept. At the beginning of this month, my family was having problems and I confided in (Sara- not actual name) because I felt like her and I have been through so much in our lives that we had that special bond. So I hear through the grapevine that she told people at our church about my family’s secret. I know it was Sara, because she was the ONLY person that I confided about what was going on, because I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I AM COMPLETELY HURT. Who the hell does she think she is for thinking it was her place to go to OUR church and tell people about MY FAMILY’S problems. And embarrassing my family.

People are always asking me why I never open up to just anybody. And this is very reason why. I feel like I can never trust anyone again. I don’t think that it’s going to be easy to talk to her again. Now, with this blowing up in my face like it has, I know why she never responded to me about coming to my daughter’s birthday party and why she has even more distance herself from me. I just don’t know what to do. I’m just going to have to cut her out my life.

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Reblog if you are Team Once Upon A Time


Reblog if you are Team Once Upon A Time

“Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone - except God.”

Billy Graham (via little-ellybean)

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“Logic is never linear. It dashes to and fro and bounces off walls and makes hairpin turns and gets lost during detours. Anything can be a catalyst, usually something unrelated to the task at hand, ricocheting your thoughts into an unexpected direction- a direction that inevitably leads to a solution linear thinking could never have approached.”

Long Lost, Harlan Coben

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